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The MADEMAN (Making a difference for each man) Foundation exists to erase the opportunity gap for young Black men through hip-hop, experiential learning and the arts.



MADEMAN provides hip-hop inspired project-based activities, wellness initiatives and exposure opportunities to young Black men in Chicago high schools. Our curriculum is delivered during lunch periods, advisory/homeroom hours, after school and summer programs. We have three main components: Feelmatic, The Award Tour and MC.


Feelmatic is our author's program that takes rap music to the page. This school-year book project exposes and teaches students about various forms of writing, literary mediums and allows students to ultimately produce a published book.


Our curriculum trains students in a number of disciplines: audio, visual and writing. During the summer students document their traveling expeditions in our annual documentary. MC's are given a theme to research throughout their tour with the goal of exposing them to the shared experience of the hip-hop community at large. Students who've never ventured more than 16 miles from their homes are now traveling, educating and learning things about the world and themselves in the process.


Knowledge of self, emotional intelligence, high character, superb mental and physical health are the aims of MC (Man in Charge). Men in the program are exposed to therapy, workshops and various wellness initiatives throughout the school year.

our board of directors





TAMEKA JONES is a brand architect and content marketer, serving nonprofits and faith-based organizations for the past decade. Currently as digital marketing manager for The Salvation Army in Missouri and Southern Illinois, she engages with online supporters to annually raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for critical social service programs in the St. Louis region and beyond. 


Tameka also provides identity design, brand strategy and consulting for Christian and community organizations through her own venture, Firstfruits Creative LLC, which was launched in 2009.

DAUNTE HENDERSON is a writer and educator from St. Louis, MO, as well as founder & CEO of MADEMAN Foundation.


He’s been a longtime fan of the hip-hop culture ever since his uncle first played him the sounds of Run DMC’s “King of Rock” . Henderson’s years of teaching and counseling inner city youth in New York, St. Louis and Chicago have given him great insight into the disconnectedness between young black men, the education system, society and themselves. He currently works as a social worker in the Chicago Public School systems. Henderson is a graduate of Bradley University.

CANDACE WITT is a Hip Hop enthusiast from the Southside of Chicago who currently works with at risk college students as an Assistant Director of Student Conduct at the University of California Berkeley. She received a Bachelor's of Science from Bradley University in Organizational Communications and a Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University Chicago.


Candace is also one of the founding members and a contributor at Snewty.com, a website that focuses on appreciating progressive urban culture and highlighting talented artist. In addition, she moonlights as a freelance writer/blogger and a publicist for independent artist in Chicago and Atlanta.

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